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10/09/2008 06:25

Last Thursday I participated in a winery tour and tasting at the Ponte Winery in Temecula, California. Our tour guide Herman was quite humorous but also quite smart. He handed me a little cheat sheet card he kept in his wallet.

It's called Wine by Numbers. Here are some of the interesting facts and figures. These figures are approximations.

- 400 vines per acre

- 4-5 tons pers acre

- 160 gallons per ton

- 60 cases per ton

- 75 pounds per vine

- 25 bottles per vine

- 240 cases per acre

- 1 grape cluster = 1 glass of wine

- 24 cases per barrel

- 288 bottles per barrel

- 416 cases per 1000 gallons

- 10,000 different grape varietals




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How many glasses are in a regular bottle?


Re: Glasses

Hey Tim,

Like consultants are so famous for saying, it depends. You'll get anywhere from 4 to 5 glasses out of a bottle of wine

A 750ml bottle has just over 25 ounces. A typical wine pour is about six ounces. Hope this helps.

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