Interview with Ernie Els is Live!

04/28/2008 17:57

We are psyched to announce the interview that Got Tannins recently conducted with Ernie Els is now live!

Ernie is best known as one of the premier golfers of the 21st century (ranked #3 as of April 2008). What not everyone knows about the Big Easy is that in addition to time spent as a professional golfer and with his family in South Africa (he has a wife, Liezl, a daughter Samantha, and a son Ben), Ernie is passionate about wine. With his friend Jean Engelbrecht, Ernie sets out to create South African wines that will compete with the best in the world.

Ernie was kind enough to sit down and share with the Got Tannins community, his personal thoughts on wine. 

We at Got Tannins encourage you to go out and try some South African wines!

In addition we even learned what a braii is. Click here for full interview.





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