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Interesting Wine Facts

02/14/2008 15:59
The wine industry in the US is $162 billion. Each of the 50 states has a winery. There are 4,929 wineries in the US. Arnold Schwarzenegger's California has 46% of those wineries. The above facts are from Wine Nation TV, which is launching the first 24/7 Internet TV station devoted entirely to wine...

Global Warming A Good Thing?

02/14/2008 02:12
Global Warming may actually help the New Zealand wine industry. New Zealand areas that are typically cold may be better suited for wine production as the impact of global warming is felt. WELLINGTON, Feb 14 (Reuters) - Global warming, which is...

Forget Beer Pong and Twister. Try wine blending. - Chicago Tribune

01/24/2008 15:56,1,6586098.story Forget Beer Pong and Twister. Try wine blending By Judy Hevrdejs | Tribune reporter January 24, 2008 You're bored with the usual board games -- Pictionary's scribbles, Monopoly's Trumpian maneuvers. But a...

Alcohol Labeling Proposal Sets off Brawl - Washington Post

01/23/2008 15:55 After more than 30 years of deliberation, federal regulators have proposed requiring the alcoholic-beverage industry to put nutrition and alcohol-content labels on their containers, setting...

Paris Hilton Poses Nude For Wine

01/22/2008 15:53
Paris Hilton is raising eyebrows again. Surprisingly, Italian winemakers are up in arms over the above photo. Arguably it's not even wine she's really advertising. Rich Prosecco, which is an Austrian company that sells wine in approximately 30 countries, hired the notrious P.A.R.I.S. to dress...
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Interview with Greg Norman, Winemaker, Golfer and Shark

05/31/2012 08:55
    Greg Norman needs very little introduction. In addition to being one of the greatest golfers of the modern era, he is also...

Daniel Daou, Owner, DAOU Winery

02/21/2010 18:44
Daniel Daou, the man behind DAOU Vineyards in Paso Robles, California, recently shared his thoughts on wine, along with some of his own...

Steve Thornton, President Thornton Winery

01/23/2010 14:30
 We interviewed Steve Thornton, the president of the Thornton Winery, located in the heart of Temecula Valley. Thornton Winery started in 1988....

Savanna Samson, Small Town Girl From Long Island Turned Winemaker

11/08/2009 08:09
Share According to Bill O'Reilly (No Spin Zone), Savanna Samson is "blond and tan with full lips and long legs, an unmistakable smoldering sexuality...

Greg Norman, Winemaker, Golfer, Entrepreneur, Shark

04/09/2009 14:12
    Greg Norman needs very little introduction. In addition to being one of the greatest golfers of the modern era, he is also one of the...
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