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Champagne in the Winter, and for the Super Bowl

01/13/2009 00:01
Champagnes Make Winter Sparkle By Marian Jansen op de Haar   A Champagne toast is synonymous with celebration and no party this winter would be complete without it. Don’t let the search for that perfect bubbly – one that suits the occasion, your tastes and your budget – spoil the...

Literary Review - WineWise - Your Complete Guide to Understanding, Selecting, and Enjoying Wine

12/20/2008 10:40
  Wine Wise - Your Complete Guide to Understanding, Selecting, and Enjoying Wine Written by Steven Kolpan, Brian H. Smith, Michael A. Weiss, and The CIA (not that CIA, the Culinary Institute of America)   If we were quoted on the book sleeve – “A highly informative book that will make...

Holiday Parties Take Flight

11/26/2008 10:12
 Holiday Parties Take Flight By Marian Jansen op de Haar   Festive gatherings of friends and loved ones are one of the best things about the holidays. Yet with the bustle of the season, who has time to plan and prepare an extravagant event? Consider instead hosting a wine tasting with...

More than Malbec

10/22/2008 01:40
  More than Malbec   By Daniel Karlin Founder of Anuva Vinos, a Premium Argentine Wine Club             The first person who talked to me about Argentine wine was a Brazilian tourist I met in the wine aisle of a supermarket in Buenos Aires....

How to Read a Wine Label

10/11/2008 17:41
 How To Read a Wine Label By Marian Jansen op de Haar The wine aisle can be an intimidating place, even for seasoned wine aficionados who would like to try something new. The labels range from quirky and fun to stately and regal, from eye-catching to simple. Studies have shown that...

List of Numbers

10/09/2008 06:25
Last Thursday I participated in a winery tour and tasting at the Ponte Winery in Temecula, California. Our tour guide Herman was quite humorous but also quite smart. He handed me a little cheat sheet card he kept in his wallet. It's called Wine by Numbers. Here are some of the interesting...
>> Expanding Consumer Offerings to Include Wine

09/10/2008 22:20
Terry Hall, the communications director for Napa Valley Vinters, was quoted by Reuters and the WSJ stating that Amazon will soon offer its gigantic customer base the opportunity to buy wine online. Napa Valley Vinters represents approximately 300 wineries in Napa Valley and those wineries will have...

It Is Easy Being Green

09/02/2008 19:24
 It Is Easy Being Green By Marian Jansen op de Haar As Kermit sings it, it’s not easy being green. While the famed frog was lamenting the color of his skin, today many people are feeling a similar frustration in their attempts to “go green.” Fortunately,...
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Interview with Greg Norman, Winemaker, Golfer and Shark

05/31/2012 08:55
    Greg Norman needs very little introduction. In addition to being one of the greatest golfers of the modern era, he is also...

Daniel Daou, Owner, DAOU Winery

02/21/2010 18:44
Daniel Daou, the man behind DAOU Vineyards in Paso Robles, California, recently shared his thoughts on wine, along with some of his own...

Steve Thornton, President Thornton Winery

01/23/2010 14:30
 We interviewed Steve Thornton, the president of the Thornton Winery, located in the heart of Temecula Valley. Thornton Winery started in 1988....

Savanna Samson, Small Town Girl From Long Island Turned Winemaker

11/08/2009 08:09
Share According to Bill O'Reilly (No Spin Zone), Savanna Samson is "blond and tan with full lips and long legs, an unmistakable smoldering sexuality...

Greg Norman, Winemaker, Golfer, Entrepreneur, Shark

04/09/2009 14:12
    Greg Norman needs very little introduction. In addition to being one of the greatest golfers of the modern era, he is also one of the...
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