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Greg Norman Interview

05/31/2012 08:56
05/31/2012 08:55     Greg Norman needs very little introduction. In addition to being one of the greatest golfers of the modern era, he is also one of the greatest entrepreneurs. Gottannins interest in the Shark has to do primarily with his Wine Estates (we...

Rick Mirer, Owner, Mirror Wines

05/05/2011 20:24
Rick Mirer is the owner and founder of Mirror Wines. The company aims high, looking to do something "spectacular yet subtle" with its wines and aims for good, donating a proceeds of wine sales to the Mirer Family Foundation which helps folks in Indiana and California. If you were a college...

Top Five Tips for Buying Wine Futures

04/18/2011 21:00
The experts have conducted the barrel tastings and their insights lead us to believe 2010 will be a superlative year for Bordeaux. One of the most frequent questions we get at Got Tannins involves wine futures, or el primeur. What are they? Wine futures allows consumers to buy wines very early in...

Twitter Wine on eBay as Part of Holiday Auction

12/06/2010 20:38
Through December 16, 2010, Twitter is auctioning its Fledgling wine on eBay. 350 bottles of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay will be auctioned at a fixed-price of $40 (the bottles are signed). They are also offering a 6 liter bottle along with a lunch for two with Biz Stone. The other package available...

Exploring Wine

10/07/2010 19:33
Our friend Steven Kolpan, alongside Brian Smith and Michael Weiss, recently published an incredible resource - Exploring Wine: The Culinary Institute of America's Guide to Wines of the World. In conjunction with  You may remember Steven from his wide-ranging interview where he covering...

Ashley Hepworth, Winemaker, Joseph Phelps Vineyards

08/05/2010 06:47
Ashley Hepworth, winemaker at the world-renowned Joseph Phelps Vineyards was kind enough to devote some time to answering a few wine questions for our readers. A bit of background. Her interest in wine began in college in Durango, CO, then continued on in Chicago where she worked under the chef...

Easy Way to Donate to Haiti

02/03/2010 10:37
The consumer video review site EXPO ( is offering an easy way to donate money to Haiti. Members that post product review videos accrue points. Normally these points go towards rewards such as gift cards, strollers, wine accessories and iPods.  To show its support EXPO is...

Wine apps on the iPhone

11/11/2009 18:22
When tasting wine, I like to remember what I’ve had and what I thought of it. Since I am the proud owner of an iPhone, I thought I would check out some of the apps that are available. When researching wine tasting applications for the iPhone, there were several features that were important to...
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Jeff Meier - Senior Vice President of Wine Making - J. Lohr Vineyards and Wines

03/22/2009 12:30
J. Lohr is one of our all time favorite wines.  Whether you are looking for a great weeknight wine, a bottle to bring to your friends, or...

Alan Kropf - Wine Mutineer

01/13/2009 23:17
  So Alan Kropf first got in touch with us in the Fall of 2008, just before the launch of his new rag focused on the beverage industry. The...

Steven Kolpan, Author, Professor

01/04/2009 15:54
  Steven Kolpan is the Professor of Wine Studies at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America not the Central Intelligence Agency) in New York. He...

Grant Burge, Owner of Grant Burge Wines

11/17/2008 20:00
 Grant Burge Barrel Tasting Preface On a night late in July, my wife and I tried a bottle of 2003 Grant Burge Holy Trinity from Barossa Valley...

Ryan Sproule, Founder of Black Box Wines

08/11/2008 21:36
  Got Tannins is happy to present our readers an interview with Ryan Sproule, the founder of Black Box Wines. Ryan founded the company in 2002;...
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