If you have a product or service to showcase to the wine community, GotTannins is your site to reach new wine drinkers of all ages.  We do not accept paid editorial, paid product reviews or anything else that is paid.  We do accept and encourage advertising with us.  

GotTannins reaches a highly influential, early adopter audience who are learning as much as they can about wine and the wine industry.  Our community comes from every corner of the world and includes not only some of the most influencial wine industry observers, but also the highly coveted younger audiences who are just now forming their readership  pallets for wine, and have an ever increasing presence in social media. 

There are a two primary ways to advertise directly on GotTannins*: 

GotTannins Sponsors

GotTannins offers premium sponsorship ad units, served on the top of every GotTannins page.  We value these spots, and are constantly looking for valuable products and services to bring to our community:

    Ad Specs:

    Typically 125 by 125 pixel size

    Preferably the company or product logo

    Will link back to the company product page

    File Size and Loops Possible (Please Inquire).

    5 out of 10 spots currently available

    $20/ monthly 

Buy 3 months and your 4 month is free.    


Department Sponsors

Sponsor a featured department space on the GotTannins site.  Your company logo/ image will be place at the top of one of our department on the GotTannins site. 

Current departments Available:

  1. Industry Insider Interviews - $100/ monthly
  2. New & Notable - $100/ monthly
  3. Local Wine Groups - $300/ monthly

Other departments (potential available date):

  1. GotTannins Blog - $500/ monthly (June 2009)

Buy 3 months and your 4 month is free.  

If you are interested in securing a advertising partnership please contact Brad at

*GotTannins also partners with Google ad words, Commission Junction and select additional merchants.  We have the right to change, ad or remove advertising partners at any time. 

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