#1 Sonoma Zinfandel - 2004 La Storia Zinfandel

#1 Sonoma Zinfandel - 2004 La Storia Zinfandel


World Wine Groups Tasting Notes: The Sonoma Zinfandel was chosen because it is one of the strongest Zinfandel regions and produces strong bold wines.  During the tasting, the wine was complimented with home made pizzas and Garlic bread.  

Results: The 2004 La Storia, the 2005 Dry Creek Valley and the 2006 Director's Cut were all blind taste tested against each other.  The Director's Cut scored low at an average of 78 among the tasters due to its young age. The Dry Creek Valley came in a strong second with a bold finish and strong taste with an 81. The La Storia came in first place with a 90 score.  The wine was strong and bold with an excellent finish and a fantastic overall taste. 


#1 - 2004 La Storia - $23

The 2004 La Storia Zinfandel is a dark ruby/purple-tinged, classic Zin with copious quantities of black cherries, raspberries, and currants intermixed with hints of spicy wood, heady alcohol (15%), enough acidity to provide definition and uplift, and a full-bodied, concentrated palate with no hard edged. Drink it over the next 3-5 years.


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#2 2005 Dry Creek Vineyard - $22

#3 2006 Directors Cut - $15

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