#1 Argentina Malbec - Kaiken Ultra, 2006

#1 Argentina Malbec - Kaiken Ultra, 2006

World Wine Groups Tasting Notes: The Kaiken Ultra was blind taste tested against itself (by accident), an Alta Vista Premium 2006 Malbec, and a Melipal Malbec 2005. Complimentary food included asada beef and chicken, beef empanadas and followed up with a Macademian Nut Cabernet Chocolate Tart.  The two Kaiken Ultra's were tasted second and third and scored an average of 15.3 and 15.08.  The Alta Vista scored a respectable 10.3 while the Melipal scored lower at 8.16.  All scores are based on the UC Davids 20 point scale.  The Kaiken's bold flavor, strong aromas and smooth finish proved to win the Malbec tasting prize. Smooth wine lovers will love this Malbec.

Wine makers Notes: Handsome ruby red colour. Outstanding and concentrated fruit, with beautiful aromas of red berries, black cherry and hints of tobaccos. A full-bodied wine. Round and velvety in mid-palate, with soft tannins. An added touch of vanilla and toast, followed by a long and smooth finish. Very, very elegant.Purchase Information: 

Kaiken Ultra 2006 ($25)

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1243 University Avenue
San Diego, CA, 92103 MAP
Phone: 619 295-1188

Alta Vista 2006 ($25)

SD Wine Co.
7080 Miramar Rd. Ste 100
San Diego, CA 92121


Melipal 2005

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