You've been corked!

04/13/2008 22:04


WWG - According to an article by World Wine Groups good friend Bill Daley, 3-5% of wines suffer from the effects of being corked.  According to Wikipedia Corked is:

    "Cork taint is a broad term referring to a set of undesirable smells or tastes found in a bottle of wine, especially spoilage that can only be detected     after bottling, aging and opening."   Read the full Description Here

For World Wine Groups Readers, we thought it would be a good idea to know why your wine might taste like a Wet Dog.,0,6942631.story

NAPA, Calif. - On the surface, the wine tasting at Stag's Leap Wine Cellars was another of those informal yet luxe get-togethers the Napa Valley is famous for, but the intensity with which the winemaker studied my every move underscored the fact that some very serious business was afoot.


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