Young Adults Come to their Senses

04/03/2008 10:33

It had to happen. Wine consultants survey the country and find that 21- to 35-year-olds prefer wine to beer. And, while they like wine, they know little about it, and have no strong brand loyalties.

In other words, they’re tabula rasa, empty pallets with willing palates. Fair game for advertisers. So, given their age and affinities, what could work better than viral advertising?

Viral advertising, the opinion-building method of the 21st century, is defined as ad techniques that use existing social networks to create brand awareness and sales. No billboards, TV or print ads here. Rather, video clips, video games, e-mail blasts and on-the-scene advertising at music events and other gatherings.

One of the first new wines to grasp this opportunity is Sacre Bleu, a 45,000-bottle-a-year operation with a Minneapolis-based president, Galen Struwe, and a French winemaker, Gustave Viennet. He hopes to counter the French concept, which has been growing in the United States, that wine is food, to be consumed at dinner.

“We’re trying to separate it from food. The most important thing about wine is the pleasure. That’s how to sell it to young people.”



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