World Wine Groups Brings Region of the Month

05/22/2008 21:53


Since the beginning, our mission has been to support wine groups in their quest to explore wine with good friends.  While we could sell wine on our site, or even sponsor some sort of wine club delivery, we would rather educate our readers on the various types of wines and send you to your local wine shop to pick something out.

This month, we are launching our region of the month section.  While we will have sponsored wines from, we encourage you to go and talk to your local wine proprieter about the wine of the month and other recomendations he or she might have.

Starting this month, and every month, the World Wine Groups will sponsor a region for you and your friends to try.  It's our intention to bring you new and exciting wines that are good to try or even can be the backbone of your wine group night.  This month's wine is the Châteauneuf-du-Pape and with the help of WikiPedia we will educate and entertain you. 

Click Here to Read about Chateauneuf du Pape our region for May


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