World Wine Groups Launches 100 point Public Scoring! No Log-in Necessary.

06/08/2008 10:25

100 Point Scoring Guidelines Rleased

The World Wine Groups, LLC has standardized on a 100 point system for reviewing and scoring wines.  Click Here to Read our Ratings System.

Public Scoring

We listened to you and the World Wine Groups, LLC has now launched a beta 100 point public scoring system.  This easy to use new scoring system allows anonymous scoring entry via our entry page.  This scoring is for the public who doesn't want to "log-in" or keep track of their own scores and reviews but they do want to contribute to the overall scoring and ratings of the community.   

Top Rated Wines

In addition, we are now keeping a list of the top rated wines from our users in the Winning Wines Section of the website.  This list will contain the top scored wines, dynamically updated minute by minute.  This is just the first in a long que of updates we will have for our users to help them select and review wines scored by the community.

Now Accepting Applications for User Scoring

In addition to public scoring, we are now accepting applications to use our beta user scoring application.  This application will allow you to score and review wines and keep a close watch on what you've tasted, your favorite countries and varietals.  In addition, this application has special features for wine groups who want to score while they are tasting. Click Here to Submit an Application.


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