Screw tops on French wine?

04/28/2008 06:58


GT - Do you know what village and chateau your Bordeaux is from?  If you don't, chances are you may be opening a screw top in the next few years.  Why does it matter?  Screw tops guarantee that your wine is ready to drink.  Traditionalists would insist that a good wine or Bordeaux be aged 5-10 years or longer and part of that aging process is having a cork of good quality in your bottle.  However, consumers are becoming less patient and they want good wine that is drinkable now.  Some say that screw tops actually preserve ready to drink wine better than traditional corks. 

How does this affect you as the consumer?  If you look for a good Bordeaux at the grocery store, take it home and drink it today, don't be surprised if you see screw tops in the near future.  Drinkable Bordeaux's are usually labeled "Appellation Bordeaux Controlee" and are regional wines that leave out the village or chateau name on the label.  Remember, screw tops are not a bad thing for drinkable wine.

As pointed out in the top of this post, if you usually buy Bordeaux's by village or chateau, no worries, your wine is safe!  We do not see Chateau Lafite-Rothschild or Chateau Margaux switching to screw tops. 

Interested in reading more about French wines and learning how to buy them.  I strongly recommend Kevin Zraly's "Windows on the World: Complete Wine Course", available at any 0of your favorite book stores. 


BEIJING, April 28 (Xinhuanet) -- Looking to battle back against New World winemakers that have lured wine lovers and gained market share with hip marketing campaigns, quality assurances and label information about what's inside the bottle, tradition-bound French winemakers are considering screw tops.     Screw tops, boxed wines, colorful easy-to-understand labels and sophisticated marketing — innovations pioneered by countries like Australia and South Africa — are making inroads in tradition-bound France.




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