Maryland Says No to Internet Wine Buying 03/09/2008

03/09/2008 00:00

GT - Got Tannins has contacted the chair of the alcoholic beverages subcommittee, Mary Ann Love, to help our readers better understand the House of Delegates decision to not allow consumers to buy wine directly from the Internet.,0,3993041.story

A House of Delegates committee yesterday rejected a bill that would let Maryland consumers buy wine directly from Internet merchants and wineries, as is permitted in at least 35 other states.

The bill was also debated yesterday in the Senate, though its chance of passage appears slim.

Wine lovers and Maryland wineries have been battling the state's liquor distributors for several years over the issue. Under current law, online direct-to-consumer sales of alcohol are largely prohibited because they circumvent the "three tier" regulatory system in place that requires producers to sell to wholesalers, who distribute cases of wine to retail stores.


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