Justin's 2007 Orphan Finds a Home

05/14/2009 20:56

There are wines that you expect to be bad, and there are wines you expect to be good.  Often times an expensive wine, that you expect to be good shocks you with its lack of texture, balance or finish.  However, every once in a while a wine that you don't expect too much from, comes along and makes you smile and tell your friends. Justin's 2007 Orphan is that wine.  

The one we bought (we actually bought four of them) was $13.99 from Vintage Wines on Miramar Road in San Diego.  Justin's 2007 Orphan has a screw cap, basic bottle and label design.  The price and bottle doesn't reflect what is inside.  The wine is complex, fruity and spicy and should pair well with summer BBQ meats.  We think this wine drinks more like a $25 - $30 bottle.   

Most years Justin Vineyard's and Wine creates The Orphan from Cabernet and Syrah grapes "who don't fit in." Justin has been creating quality wines in Paso Robles since 1981.  I'm partial to Paso Robles Cabernet's for their spicy earthy texture which Justin Cabernet's exemplify.

It's easy for us to tell you to go out and grab a couple bottles but, the reality is that this wine will be hard to find.  We found a couple bottles at Vintage Wine on Miramar road.  Your best bet might be to order directly from Justin's Website.   You might also have luck using snooth to find the wine in your local area.

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