It's Not Where We Are, It's Where We Are Going - The World of Wine in 50 Years

05/11/2008 19:54

Berry Bros & Rudd ( have published "The Future of Wine Report", which takes a look at what the wine world will look like in 50 years. 

Volume Wine -

Some of the interesting concepts include:

- the rising popularity of wines from regions such as China, India and Southern Canada. In addition, droughts may cause Australia to lose out and become a niche player. 

"By 2058, big brand wine could be grape or blend specific, rather than from a particular country. Grapes will be gathered from all over the world and blended to suit consumers' tastes." So, instead of ordering a California Cabernet, a customer would order a "BV Extra Medium Red"

- Wine bottles may become too expensive (cost, environment, etc.) and we'll start to see wine shipped in big tankers and then distributed to consumers in cardboard boxes (boxed wine!)

Fine Wine

Some of the interesting concepts include:

- China to rival Bordeaux

- India becomes an important producer of fine wines

- Corks become less and less popular, only used in a very small selection of wines.



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