Happy July 4th - Try a Rose!

07/03/2008 13:39

For many of our readers in North America, this weekend is one of the best of the year. Spent with friends, family, and usually plenty of spirits.

In 2008 we recommend our readers try a wine its likely they have either never had, think is too girly to have, or have not had in a really long time.

That wine is Rose, yes guys you too.

Rose wine does have a pink-ish color and will be low in tannins. They will drink more like a white.

Many connoisseurs don't have Rose high up on their list. But, it is summertime and Rose tastes awesome cold. It's about as refreshing as a margarita only two glasses won't get you as tipsy.

So...go to your trusted local shop, pick up a bottle of Rose. Chill it, pop it open and enjoy.


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Cheers to a very happy 4th!




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