Gisele Bundchen Shows Women Everywhere That Wine is OK During Football

02/21/2008 16:04

Although some commentators disagreed, GotTannins was very excited to see wine showcased by Tom Brady's girlfriend in the biggest game of the year on worldwide TV.

Gisele was shown several times sipping an unidentified red wine. This contrasts with injured NY Giant Jeremy Shockey who was pictured in the owners box, looking absolutely sozzled, with about three different drinks in front of him.

A Super Controversy Is a Glass of Wine Offside at Football's Biggest Game? The Blogs and Ms. Bündchen Disagree
February 16, 2008; Page W3 It was one of the most controversial moments of the Super Bowl, but you might have missed it amid all that talk about who actually won.

During the game, cameras focused on Tom Brady's girlfriend, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, sitting in a sky box. In her hand was a glass of red wine, and in a lovely, large glass to boot.

This was the moment when we first got up to cheer. It was a pleasure to see someone savoring the Super Bowl with a glass of wine. It was also a pleasure to see someone else who believes that wine should be enjoyed in big, generous glasses, even at a sports stadium.


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