Forget Beer Pong and Twister. Try wine blending. - Chicago Tribune

01/24/2008 15:56,1,6586098.story

Forget Beer Pong and Twister. Try wine blending | Tribune reporter You're bored with the usual board games -- Pictionary's scribbles, Monopoly's Trumpian maneuvers.
But a few friends are gathering to shake off the indoors blues.
It may be time for fusebox, a wine-blending kit from California.
So many wines are made from a blend of grapes, rather than a single grape, that a blending kit such as fusebox gives "people a way to kind of get into winemaking without having to wait so long and invest so much money," says Michael Brill, founder of Crushpad, a San Francisco-based custom winemaker. "For $120, four people can get an introduction to probably the highest art form of winemaking, which is blending, and have fun for a few hours."


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