Chateau La Nerthe wins the May tasting event

05/14/2008 11:04


Our evening included a wonderful tasting of Chateauneuf Du Pape red wines.

World Wine Groups Tasting Notes: Chateau La Nerthe was blind tasted against a Perrin & Fils and a Clos De L'Oratoire.  All tested very well with the Chateau La Nerthe coming in at a 13.16 against a 12.8 and a 12.6 respectively.  Very close scoring considering the blending of grapes that takes place with the Chateauneuf's.  Scores were lower than we saw with the Malbec's last month - this is probably due to the fact that the Chateauneuf's need to age longer.  Still an excellent choice across the board.

Food served included an Indian affair; tandoori chicken, channa masala, potatoes and a saag dish.  Dessert was a white cake with fruit.

Wine makers Notes:

The evening's line-up:

#1 Chateau La Nerthe ($40)

Purchased at Beverages & More

#2 Perrin & Fils 2005 ($24)

Purchased at Costco

#3 Clos De L'Oratoire 2003 ($30)

Purchased at Costco


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