Changes Coming to World Wine Map

02/20/2008 16:02

More on global warming impact on wine industry. Certain areas like Denmark and Belgium stand to gain. Merlot in Bordeaux, France will suffer. California's Central Valley is looking to take a hit while the northern and souther coastal regions should benefit. Chile overall will benefit and wines from Patagonia will sure be a marketing boon. Tasmania will benefit and most notably, even the high deserts of China!,1,4087644.story

Changes coming to world wine map THERE'S no clear-cut agreement about how climate change might affect specific wine-growing regions, but there's a growing consensus in the international wine industry that change is occurring. Among the predictions are that the best growing conditions will be in coastal zones, high deserts, mountain foothills, and those regions that have traditionally been considered too close to either the North or South Pole to support wine grapes. In today's wine regions, the coping strategy leans toward replanting vineyards with grape varieties better equipped to handle heat. Here's a quick look at some forecasted changes.


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