Expanding Consumer Offerings to Include Wine

09/10/2008 22:20

Terry Hall, the communications director for Napa Valley Vinters, was quoted by Reuters and the WSJ stating that Amazon will soon offer its gigantic customer base the opportunity to buy wine online.

Napa Valley Vinters represents approximately 300 wineries in Napa Valley and those wineries will have the option of working with Amazon to sell wine through the website.

Amazon's customer will be psyched about the option, which should go live according to the stories in the next four to six weeks. The innovative online retailer announced an open position for a senior buyer of wine back in March

This is a huge move for the wine industry, which according to the many retailers we've spoken with over the past year, have indicated that many folks in their 20s are not drinking wine and are instead opting for vodka red bulls and pomegrante martinis. Amazon is clearly a company that will reach customers that traditional brick and mortar wine shops and the niche e-commerce sites have been unsuccessful in reaching to date. 

Although shipping to all 50 states is not currently legal, New Vine Logistics, the company rumored to handle the initial fulfillment, is allowed to sell wine in 45 states. 

Amazon has not provided any official comment as yet so stay tuned.




Topic: Expanding Consumer Offerings to Include Wine



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