A Chinese wine during the Beijing Olympics?

08/10/2008 19:39

According to Slate.com China's appetite's are warming up to some of the higher end wines.  Mathematically, if just a small portion of China's 1 billion population starts to drink some of the finer wines, this could dramatically drive up prices unlike anything we have seen before.  But that is besides the point, the great news is that demand creates supple and China is now producing wine and has around 450 wineries in operation producing "western" type wines. 

According to the article, the best example is Grace Vineyard in Shanxi province (no website found) which is selling a Bordeaux blend for about $60 a bottle.  According to the CEO, Judy Leissner, the wine is not available in the US,  but we know our readers could find a bottle or two in your friends collection. 

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