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Global credit crunch has little impact on high end wine market; highest amount ever paid for 27 bottles of wine

04/20/2008 05:53
WWG - According to Reutors London a Beijing based billionaire has paid a record $500,000 for 27 bottles of Romanee-Conti.  Apparently, the last biggest wine transaction occurred over the same wine makers wine, when two collectors let their egos get the best of them and continued to...

Kaiken Ultra Wins World Wine Groups Malbec Pick

04/14/2008 21:49
World Wine Groups Tasting Notes: The Kaiken Ultra was blind taste tested against itself (by accident), an Alta Vista Premium 2006 Malbec, and a Melipal Malbec 2005. Complimentary food included asada beef and chicken, beef empanadas and ... Read the full Article Here

You've been corked!

04/13/2008 22:04
  WWG - According to an article by World Wine Groups good friend Bill Daley, 3-5% of wines suffer from the effects of being corked.  According to Wikipedia Corked is:     "Cork taint is a broad term referring to a set of undesirable smells or tastes found in a bottle...

Lil Jon Launches Wine Label: "I'm not like an expert, so don't ask me no questions…I just like the taste."

04/04/2008 07:31
  According to E! News online, Rapper Lil Jon has launched his own California wine label which will produce Chardonney and Merlot among other wines. Thanks Lil Jon, we look forward to tasting these wines.  According to sources, the wine will be produced by Alison Crowe...

Young Adults Come to their Senses

04/03/2008 10:33
It had to happen. Wine consultants survey the country and find that 21- to 35-year-olds prefer wine to beer. And, while they like wine, they know little about it, and have no strong brand loyalties. In other words, they’re tabula rasa, empty pallets with willing palates. Fair game for advertisers....

Report shows that wine enhances the effectiveness of cancer treatments

03/28/2008 13:30
  (WebMD)  A new study shows an antioxidant found in red wine destroys cancer cells from the inside and enhances the effectiveness of radiation and chemotherapy cancer treatments. Researchers say the antioxidant found in grape skins, known as resveratrol, appears to work by targeting...

Coming in April - An Interview with The Big Easy, Ernie Els

03/22/2008 18:06
Gottannins is pleased to present our readers an interview we conducted with Ernie Els. Known as "The Big Easy" for his physical stature and his effortless swing, Els has won three majors in his career and is one of the best golfers in the world. Ernie is also very active in the wine industry and we...

Proof that anything can be insured

03/19/2008 14:23
  LONDON (AP) — His schnoz is not to be sniffed at. The nose of leading European winemaker and taster Ilja Gort has been insured for euro5 million ($8 million), Lloyd's of London said Tuesday. He took out the policy after hearing about a man who lost his sense of smell in a car accident. "I...
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Interview with Greg Norman, Winemaker, Golfer and Shark

05/31/2012 08:55
    Greg Norman needs very little introduction. In addition to being one of the greatest golfers of the modern era, he is also...

Daniel Daou, Owner, DAOU Winery

02/21/2010 18:44
Daniel Daou, the man behind DAOU Vineyards in Paso Robles, California, recently shared his thoughts on wine, along with some of his own...

Steve Thornton, President Thornton Winery

01/23/2010 14:30
 We interviewed Steve Thornton, the president of the Thornton Winery, located in the heart of Temecula Valley. Thornton Winery started in 1988....

Savanna Samson, Small Town Girl From Long Island Turned Winemaker

11/08/2009 08:09
Share According to Bill O'Reilly (No Spin Zone), Savanna Samson is "blond and tan with full lips and long legs, an unmistakable smoldering sexuality...

Greg Norman, Winemaker, Golfer, Entrepreneur, Shark

04/09/2009 14:12
    Greg Norman needs very little introduction. In addition to being one of the greatest golfers of the modern era, he is also one of the...
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