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Natalie MacLean, Author of Red, White and Drunk All Over

07/22/2008 13:48
We met Natalie while searching for food and wine matching for our own wine group.  Her award-winning web site, articles, free e-newsletter and wine-and-food matcher are impressive so we had to get her thoughts for our readers!     What was the first memory you...

The NFL (No Fun League) Gets Upset at Charles Woodson's Involvement with Wine

07/21/2008 06:38
 The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Green Bay Packer cornerback Charles Woodson recently premiered the release of Charles Woodson Wines at a tasting at the Chop House in Ann Arbor, Michigan (where Woodson played college ball). The wine is called "24 by Charles Woodson" and NFL...

Wine and Food Matcher from Natalie Maclean's Website

07/12/2008 07:44
"What wine goes best with Indian food?" "Can I serve a white wine with meat?" If you’re tasting wine, you know that food and wine pairing can make a dramatic difference in your tasting experience.  If your hosting a wine night, and also responsible for food then you have probably spent...

Happy July 4th - Try a Rose!

07/03/2008 13:39
For many of our readers in North America, this weekend is one of the best of the year. Spent with friends, family, and usually plenty of spirits. In 2008 we recommend our readers try a wine its likely they have either never had, think is too girly to have, or have not had in a really long...

Sonoma Zins Winner

06/29/2008 20:36
  The World Wine Groups has posted its June winning wine from the Sonoma Regional, Zinfandel.  Click Here to see the Results.

Follow Us On Twitter

06/27/2008 07:26
 Readers,  If you haven't signed up for Twitter, we recommend that you do so. It's a ton of fun and it answers the question (very concisely), "What Am I Doing?"   @samirbh @Jensandiegoca   Cheers,   Samir and Jen.

Wine Shop Owner Loses Battle with Liquor Commission

06/20/2008 18:50
  John Stuart, the owner of a wine shop in the Willamette Valley region of Oregon has lost a dispute with the liquor commission. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) has disallowed Mr. Stuart from letting his customers use a one ounce self dispensing machine. He spent $125,000 after the...

New Jersey Considering Allowing Beer and Wine Sales in Grocery Stores

06/12/2008 11:05
Back in 1962 beer and wine sales were disallowed in NJ grocery stores. One of the reasons was to help deal with Tony Soprano and organized crime. Major retailers such as Stop & Shop, Pathmark, Albertson's and Whole Foods are behind the initiative while the mom & pop liquor stores are...

June Region and Wine: Sonoma County Red Zinfandel

06/10/2008 06:57
  World Wine Groups Says... Since Merlot took a back seat to Cabernet after 2004's Sideways, wine drinkers everywhere have been looking for bold red wines that are different than Cabernet.  Zinfandel is best bet for bold red wine drinkers.  Often times confused with White Zinfandel...

World Wine Groups Launches 100 point Public Scoring! No Log-in Necessary.

06/08/2008 10:25
100 Point Scoring Guidelines Rleased The World Wine Groups, LLC has standardized on a 100 point system for reviewing and scoring wines.  Click Here to Read our Ratings System. Public Scoring We listened to you and the World Wine Groups, LLC has now launched a beta 100 point public...

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