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How to Read a Wine Label

10/11/2008 17:41
 How To Read a Wine Label By Marian Jansen op de Haar The wine aisle can be an intimidating place, even for seasoned wine aficionados who would like to try something new. The labels range from quirky and fun to stately and regal, from eye-catching to simple. Studies have shown that...

List of Numbers

10/09/2008 06:25
Last Thursday I participated in a winery tour and tasting at the Ponte Winery in Temecula, California. Our tour guide Herman was quite humorous but also quite smart. He handed me a little cheat sheet card he kept in his wallet. It's called Wine by Numbers. Here are some of the interesting...
>> Expanding Consumer Offerings to Include Wine

09/10/2008 22:20
Terry Hall, the communications director for Napa Valley Vinters, was quoted by Reuters and the WSJ stating that Amazon will soon offer its gigantic customer base the opportunity to buy wine online. Napa Valley Vinters represents approximately 300 wineries in Napa Valley and those wineries will have...

It Is Easy Being Green

09/02/2008 19:24
 It Is Easy Being Green By Marian Jansen op de Haar As Kermit sings it, it’s not easy being green. While the famed frog was lamenting the color of his skin, today many people are feeling a similar frustration in their attempts to “go green.” Fortunately,...

Tom Gable Contributing Wine Editor for San Diego Magazine

08/14/2008 00:00
  Tom Gable - Contributing Wine Editor for San Diego Magazine Tom Gable has been writing about and tasting wine for more than 30 years.  As an expert in wine, Tom believes that "wine needs company - good food and great people" and because his mantra matched ours, we thought...

Ryan Sproule, Founder of Black Box Wines

08/11/2008 21:36
  Got Tannins is happy to present our readers an interview with Ryan Sproule, the founder of Black Box Wines. Ryan founded the company in 2002; one of his intentions being to reverse the reputation of premium wines always having to be in glass bottles.   Boxed wines are experiencing a...

A Chinese wine during the Beijing Olympics?

08/10/2008 19:39
According to China's appetite's are warming up to some of the higher end wines.  Mathematically, if just a small portion of China's 1 billion population starts to drink some of the finer wines, this could dramatically drive up prices unlike anything we have seen before. ...

July Varietal and Region: Sonoma Chardonnay

08/10/2008 18:52
World Wine Groups Says... Chardonnay is usually the first wine that a taster trys and for good reasons, it is one of the most widely distributed wines in America and many other countries.  However, Chardonnay's come with many different tastes and prices.  Great on a summers night and with...

Boxed Wines?

08/07/2008 07:35
Got Tannins is excited to offer our readers an interview with Ryan Sproules, the Vinter at Black Box Wines. Boxed wines are experiencing a renaissance. NPR's recently ran a segment on All Things Considered talking about the growing popularity and the future expecations of boxed wines. You can...

Pairing Foods and Wines? Interview with the expert, Natalie MacLean

07/22/2008 14:05
The World Wine Groups is happy to offer our readers an interview with the author of Red, White and Drunk All Over, Natalie MacLean.   Please click here for the full interview or visit our Insider Interviews section.    We hope you all enjoy it.

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