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Dinner with a Master Sommelier

02/22/2009 19:22
Boulder, Colorado My wife and I were on a weekend getaway in Boulder, Colorado the weekend prior to the craziness of Thanksgiving. We both graduated from the University of Colorado and we were on a mission to go back, stay at a nice hotel and eat a couple great meals. We were unaware that top...

Valentines Day, Chocoloates, and Rich Wines

02/04/2009 22:34
    Sweet, Rich Wines Make the Chocolate Love Connection   By Marian Jansen op de Haar   With Valentine’s Day approaching, many of us have love – and chocolate – on the brain. The rich sensuality of chocolate alone makes for an ideal way to end a romantic meal – no matter what...

Reader Question - Does all red wine get better with age?

01/19/2009 23:48
Actual Reader Question: Quick question…Does all red wine get better with age?  If I were to buy a 10 dollar bottle and cellar it for a few years would it be a better wine or is that a waste?  How do you know which wines can be cellared? Benjamin F. in Boston, Massachusetts Ben, Great...

Alan Kropf - Wine Mutineer

01/13/2009 23:17
  So Alan Kropf first got in touch with us in the Fall of 2008, just before the launch of his new rag focused on the beverage industry. The publication is called Mutineer Magazine. At first I wasn't quite sure to expect. Once I read the first issue, I figured it out pretty quickly and we...

Champagne in the Winter, and for the Super Bowl

01/13/2009 00:01
Champagnes Make Winter Sparkle By Marian Jansen op de Haar   A Champagne toast is synonymous with celebration and no party this winter would be complete without it. Don’t let the search for that perfect bubbly – one that suits the occasion, your tastes and your budget – spoil the...

Steven Kolpan, Author, Professor

01/04/2009 15:54
  Steven Kolpan is the Professor of Wine Studies at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America not the Central Intelligence Agency) in New York. He resides in Woodstock and recently authored the book WineWise, which was reviewed by in December 2008. His personal blog may be found...

Literary Review - WineWise - Your Complete Guide to Understanding, Selecting, and Enjoying Wine

12/20/2008 10:40
  Wine Wise - Your Complete Guide to Understanding, Selecting, and Enjoying Wine Written by Steven Kolpan, Brian H. Smith, Michael A. Weiss, and The CIA (not that CIA, the Culinary Institute of America)   If we were quoted on the book sleeve – “A highly informative book that will make...

Holiday Parties Take Flight

11/26/2008 10:12
 Holiday Parties Take Flight By Marian Jansen op de Haar   Festive gatherings of friends and loved ones are one of the best things about the holidays. Yet with the bustle of the season, who has time to plan and prepare an extravagant event? Consider instead hosting a wine tasting with...

Grant Burge, Owner of Grant Burge Wines

11/17/2008 20:00
 Grant Burge Barrel Tasting Preface On a night late in July, my wife and I tried a bottle of 2003 Grant Burge Holy Trinity from Barossa Valley at a top French restaurant, Delicias, in Rancho Santa Fe, California. The taste was exquisite and made an amazing night incredibly...

More than Malbec

10/22/2008 01:40
  More than Malbec   By Daniel Karlin Founder of Anuva Vinos, a Premium Argentine Wine Club             The first person who talked to me about Argentine wine was a Brazilian tourist I met in the wine aisle of a supermarket in Buenos Aires....

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