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If you are a wine group who is already on the web seeking traffic, or a wine group who is actively communicating and creating content, please contact us to join our affiliate network. We can help you drive traffic and publicize your site/ group.  Contact Brad at

·          We realize there are many wine groups, groups of friends, websites and activities that are related to wine that are striving towards community education of wine and building their own community.  The World Wine Groups supports these efforts, and rather than being competitive, seeks to affiliate with these groups to encourage wine group formation and driving education and usage of the webs resources.

We are actively recruiting alliance partners to build out our community of wine groups and drive the creation of original content and traffic to these sites. 

Benefits to our affiliate partners include:

Bronze Level (Free)

Option for those wine websites/ groups who have already established themselves in their community and are looking for link sharing, content and additional traffic. 

  • Co-branding on the World Wine Groups and websites - help drive traffic to your site
  • Access to some content (interviews, articles and reviews for your own website)

Silver Level ($29 annually)

Option for those wine websites/ groups who are already established, but are looking for assistance in building their community.

  • Everything in the Bronze level and...
  • Assistance in leading and organizing the wine groups, events in your community
  • Receive wine group leads to add to your community

Gold Level (starting at $499 annually)

  • Option for those wine websites/ groups who want more than the bronze and silver level have to offer.
  • Everything in Bronze and Silver and...
  • Lead Your Community on the World Wine Groups Site (i.e. sponsors the Phoenix World Wine Group)
  • Option for Website Creation and Maintenance
  • Option for consulting on advertising and revenue generation for your community
  • Option for unique access to World Wine Groups content, partners and affiliates

Contact Brad at to ask about joining our affiliate network.

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